Sunday, February 27, 2011

can't even pronounce it.

Today I worked more on the policy analysis paper.  I will be so happy when tomorrow comes so that I can finally just turn it in and get it off my hands and out of my mind! 

Today's Agenda:
No workout
(Well unless you wanna count pacing back and forth whilst thinking about that darn paper...)


180 g bulk red radishes and about 90 g of peeled turnips, boiled in no-sodium chicken broth
60 g of egg beaters and 2 real egg whites cooked as a spinach omelet
THIS biscuit.  Tastes just like the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster that I haven't had in years
All smothered in low carb ketchup and Walden Farms pancake syrup


Chicken parmigiana
55 g left over shredded chicken breast (not the canned kind)
1 oz no salt added tomato sauce
7 g of Swiss cheese (I had no Mozzarella, unfortunately.  But I was happy to find out that Swiss is low sodium)
about a 1/2 tsp of grated parmesan....
all on top and in between a ONE MINUTE MUFFIN sans sweetener that I formed into a bun.  It was really a twenty minute muffin, because I used the oven instead of the microwave.  I used 13 g of golden flaxseed meal and 13 g of Jennifer's Splendid Low-Carb Baking mix, a serving of egg beaters instead of an egg, and a tsp of Smart Balance Light instead of butter.  Hey, be easy on me.  I'm still recovering!

Cream of Broccoli Soup
About a cup and a half (I didn't bother to measure) of leftover steamed broccoli, pulsed in the Ninja
About a TBSP of onions (again I didn't bother to measure)

1/2 C of Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze 
1/2 C of no-sodium chicken broth
Some seasonings (I think I did basil, onion powder, all spice, summa this summa that lol)

The rest of the meals were exact duplicates of yesterday:

PB and J on a low carb tortilla

My version of Crack Slaw
Hot chocolate

Bedtime Snack:
Yogurt and usual fixings
Another piece of that yummy cinnamon-raisin bread

So, after watching Food Inc. and discussing it with my mother, I told her that I was thinking about trying a more primal diet. Trying to sound "intelligent", I suggested I was going to indulge in more paleo-friendly food choices.  Unfortunately, I pronounced it "Pah-lay-oh" (forgive me for having two years of Spanish!) and she quickly corrected me and said it was pronounced "Pay-leo".  Oops.  Who am I to encourage a diet that I can't even pronounce the name of? Lol.  I'll just stick to recovering and having a better relationship with food.  Going paleo right now probably wouldn't be a great idea. I'm already restricting carbs as is. Hmmm.  Food for thought, I guess.

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